Welcome to Horse Club Kichevo (Varna)

With us you can spend wonderful hours of horseback riding and hours of learning how to communicate with one of the most magnificent animals – the horse. We provide various services to satisfy the needs of both beginners and adventurous horse lovers. Our horse club is one of the newest and most modern bases providing horse riding in Varna.

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The indoor arena for horseback riding

Our horse club is one of the most modern horse bases in the region of Varna, Bulgaria. The indoor arena provides the possibility for horseback riding all year round, no matter the weather. We provide high quality horse hotel facilities, with high standard care and the best food around. During daytime, our horses can spend their spare time in conditions close to their natural habitat in the vast open space (paddock).

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horse riding varna

Horse riding lessons in Varna

We provide horseback lessons for children, beginners and advanced riders. Depending on the weather conditions and the rider’s level of experience, horse riding lessons and trainings are done either in our club’s indoor arena or at the open training arena. Children are the clients we pay special attention to – for them we provide special discount prices. We also aim to develop child specific services in the near future, in order to give them the opportunity to get acquainted with the magical world of horseback riding and horse care.

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horse riding varna

Trips with horses

A walk in the countryside on horseback. Such a nice feeling, experiencing the controlled power of the horse under you and enjoying the magnificent views…
Our experienced guide will take you out on a walk in the woods and on the planes, crossing creeks and climbing hills. All this taking into account your level of experience and depending on how long you want your walk to be.

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